Our Story

Welcome to up up & grow, our family-run business built on love, passion, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of little ones. We're proud to offer a thoughtful collection of minimalistic and modern toys, teethers, and mould-free bath toys, each crafted with utmost care.

I'm Fatima, a mum to 2 beautiful little girls and I created up up & grow to capture the spirit of nurturing childhood wonder and learning. Together with my husband, we faced the challenge of mouldy bath toys and were driven to find safe, aesthetic, and practical solutions. Connecting with a community of parents who shared our concerns, we were inspired to create a range of toys that not only support children's development but also provide parents with peace of mind.

Silicone is the magic material in our toys! They are crafted from 100% food grade silicone as it's a breeze to clean. Simply wash, pop it in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle, or a sterilise (although chemicals can alter colours) and voilà – they're ready for more fun. This wonderful material is non-toxic, kind to our planet, and champions sustainability, perfectly echoing our promise to nurture both your precious ones and the environment with every playful moment.