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Shape, Sort + Stack Trio

Shape, Sort + Stack Trio

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Say hello to a vibrant and playful learning experience with our bundle of toys. Featuring a teddy stacker, it encourages creativity, size recognition, and fine motor skills. The blue stacking and nesting cups are perfect for nurturing problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination. Our blue shape sorter puzzle game is an excellent gateway to understanding shapes, sequencing, and imaginative play, offering endless hours of educational fun.

Key Features:

  • Teddy stacker for motor skills, creativity, and size recognition
  • Stacking and nesting cups for problem-solving and hand-eye coordination
  • Shape sorter puzzle for understanding shapes, sequencing, and imaginative play

Care Instructions:

  • Hand Wash: Wash in hot soapy water.
  • Dishwasher-Safe: Dishwasher-safe (top rack + low temperature).
  • Sterilisation: Suitable for cold water sterilising (please be aware the chemicals in your steriliser of choice may alter colours).

Age Range: 6 months +

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